Improved Marketing  |  Gain Valuable Insight  |  Target the Clients You Want Your Source for Valuable Industry Data provides up-to-date datasets containing condominium and homeowner association information.  Datasets include the name of the association, names and addresses of offices, and in some cases, email addresses.

We use the latest data gathering technology to collect the data from a variety of sources, including state agencies and public information websites.  The data is then refined to exclude duplicates and correct any inconsistencies.

What can you do with the datasets?

Our clients use the datasets to:

1) Direct mail potential clients;

2) Send newsletters to board members;

3) Determine geographic areas with high concentrations of community associations; and

4) Gather statistics about community associations.

What’s Included?

The purchase of a state HOA dataset includes:

1. A list of community associations in the state, along with board member or officer names, their addresses, and in some cases, email addresses.  The list can be in .xls, .tab, or .csv.

2.  A Google Earth file (.kml or .kmz) which allows you to visualize the locations of the associations and board members.  The .kml or .kmz file will open on any computer which can run Google Earth.

You’ll receive the data on a CD or DVD 4-7 days after purchase.

Which States Can I Purchase?